REGENLUFT members-only New Year's present gift plan!

Ame no Parade Official Fan Club REGENLUFT

2021/01/06 18:00


All REGENLUFT members have received a New Year's present from the members.

What! Each member's personal belongings will be presented to one person by lottery .


First of all, "J.CREW pullover" has arrived from Kohei Fukunaga! The size will be S. A thin pullover jacket that you can wear until early spring.

Next, Mineho Osawa will present "Bottoms" to everyone. This item was purchased at a used clothing store and is men's size so both men and women can wear it. * Glen's tail is glimpsed in the photo.

Finally, Kosuke Yamazaki will give you a "THULE backpack" as a gift. The simple design and durable backpack are perfect for everyday use.

* As a measure against infection, each gift has been disinfected.

Then, from those who did not win the member present lottery, a lottery was given to those who joined at the timing of the launch of REGENLUFT last year.

I found a few original stickers (during the year-end cleaning ...), so I will release them as well. This is a gift for 10 people!


I want a present! Please apply from the application form below. Please cooperate with the questionnaire.

[Reception deadline] Until 23:59 on January 31, 2021 (Wednesday)

* The lottery for presents is scheduled for early February. Those who are REGENLUFT members at that time will be eligible for the lottery.

We look forward to a lot of your application.



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